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Blu Group Limited
When it comes to new-build projects or indeed to home improvements of any kind, it is best to talk design details through at some length before anything else happens.
BLU Design
Blu Group Limited
35 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London.
Tel: 0207 823 8244
We consider all aspects of your build including space, light, electrical supply requirements, budget, materials and location to ensure that you receive the best solution for you.
We are here to create your vision and any project works best when that vision is clearly defined at the outset so that everyone can work from the same original design.
Architectural and Engineering Services

Working with our architects to design your dream home, extension or refurbishment.


Interior & Exterior Design Services
Exterior & Interior
Design Services

Working closely with our designers or your own, we can take care of all internal and exterior design requirements.


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